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SOA étiq.SOA étiq.50 Soap sheets SOA                                                                                                 Price : 2,95$ / unit 

- in addition of being a biodegradable disinfectant : 100%  WITHOUT ALCOHOL
- Wherever you are, just add alittle water and a SOA soap sheet  
- wet hands, lather the soap sheet, rinse and voila : hands are clean soft and disenfected 


Savon eauSavon eau

   Unique Advantages
- Helps reduce the risk of contracting nosocomial infections
- Helps to eliminate all kinds of bacteria causing virus
- Foam sufficiently for better hydration 
- Leaves the skin soft and 


  • Flagrance pleasant freshness
    Each pack contains 50 sheets
    Contains aloe and moisturizing agent that promote softer skin hypoallergenic
    Contains tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, NO ALCOHOL
     ANTI BACTERIAL natural and phosphate
    13 times more powerful than carbolic acid (used in hospitals)
    5 times faster than most household disinfectants
    - Perfect for hospitals