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Fight against the  heat & keep coolwith the Refreshing Scarf (manufactured in Ontario, Canada)Foulard femme 1Foulard femme 1

- Just  Dip the scarf in water (20/30 min / max)
- Drain the scarf; it will then expand, thanks to polymer crystals that are inside
- Dry with a towel and enjoy the coolness of the Refreshing Scarf
This is the     MOST EFFECTIVE     Refreshing Scarf for the following reasons:

  1. because it is 100% Polyester
  2. because it is fresh/cool on 27 inches (lengh  of the Refeshing Scsarf)
  3. because it is provided with  a safe plastic fastener


luminAid ballonluminAid ballon

Inflatable      Lamp    luminAID   PL16 

is an inflatable lamp that runs on solar energy.
Charges in 7:00 under the sun, lasts up to 16 hours and the battery is good for 10.000 hours

LuminAid carréLuminAid carré
Inflatable      Lamp    luminAID  PL12S  ( lamp with 9 different colors )

is an inflatable lamp that runs on solar energy.
Charges in 7:00 under the sun, lasts up to 16 hours and the battery is good for 10.000 hours


Feuilles de savonFeuilles de savonSOA -   Soap sheets   in biodegradable disinfectant 100% without alcool  Feuille et eauFeuille et eau

- Wherever you are, just a little water and a soap shhet
- Wet hands, lather the soap, rinse and voila
- Hands will be clean, soft and disinfected at 99.9%


Serviettes Rapid'OServiettes Rapid'O10 compact reusable towels Rapid'O; The towel swells in 3 seconds when you add water ;

Tight tube with 10 compressed towels, 100% natural, 100% non-toxic material, 100% rayon

100% biodegradable and safe for all skin types and contains no perfume or alcool


 Masseur MasseurMasseur Taijo = massage on clothing and not on skin

Massage from head to toe without hand fatigue
Relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation etc.


Lanière Attache bouteilleLanière Attache bouteilleBottle handler lanyard

Attach strap bottle; worn on the shoulder for 2 types of bottle
Maximum length 36 inches, adjustable


Lacets lumineuxLacets lumineux

 Colored  D E L  Shoe Laces 
Waterproof, washable and durable; 2032 lithium batteries that last more than 50 hours
Laces flashing: full pace, slow and fast

Can be attached to backpacks , purses, etc.

BoomBox v2BoomBox v2Vibration speaker    BoomB(O)X v2              1 - Connect  it      2 - Glue it        3 - Listen
Anything can become a speaker through innovative vibration technology
Available in 6 colors:     Blue    Black    Yellow    Pink    Purple    White